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The Beast From The East: February/March 2018

Lincs 4x4 Response Crossing the Wolds on Deployment 28 Mar 2018During the spell of extreme Winter weather over the past six days, Tuesday 27th February to 4th March 2018, Lincolnshire 4x4 Response Group have been in service in support the NHS, Lincolnshire Emergency Planning Service, the Emergency Services, Care providers and Support Agencies throughout the County.

Well over 50 deployments have been completed, by our Responders, transporting more than 60 essential medical staff, Care Workers and Emergency personnel to and from their homes and places of work and care.

In addition, numerous deliveries of life-saving drugs have been made in the far south of the County.

Thousands of miles have been covered, from Market Deeping in the South, through to Lincoln and up to Immingham in the north, and from easterly areas around Boston, over to Kirton Lindsey in the West.

Art Harrison 2 Feb Mar 2018Our workload has been intense and demanding over the past six days, for our Controllers and Responders alike, but also very satisfying in the knowledge that we have helped to maintain essential services in the County during the greatest challenge, posed by the weather, in the past decade.

Listen to the interview on BBC Radio Lincolnshire aired on the Scott Dalton show 28th february 2018.  The interview was between BBC reporter Hope Bolger and our very own Tom Crawshaw (audio clip provided by and copyright of BBC Radio Lincolnshire - Click the play button).

Art Harrison 1 Feb Mar 2018 Lincolnshire 4x4 Response 2nd Mar 2018 Stood by for Nurses on Rounds Bardney

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