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 ‘Race for Life’ Ferry Meadows, Peterborough   A report by Simon Wray LN210.

I had heard of Ferry Meadows but never visited it, thinking it was all for kids. Just how wrong was I, a beautiful venue and home to the ‘Caravanner of the year ‘competition, with a yachting club, fishing lake and on site BBQs to name a few. Thanks to being involved with Lincs 4X4 & Race for Life, I was enlightened and like many of the places where we help out, we were privileged to drive around and access some remote areas not normally seen by us mere mortals a reminder of why we do what we do.

For this event I persuaded my two daughters to come along and although they were reluctant initially, happily at the end of the evening they thanked me for making them come along. The event was well organised and there were some familiar faces from Burghley, like Stuart who tows around the Biffa dump bins with his Isuzu Trooper. He told me his methods were frowned upon, but went on to say “Hell, that’s why man invented 4x4”, amen to that!

The weather was kind to us and some 1800 ladies in a dazzling display of pink took part.

Leander Platten, event manager, said: “It was awesome. Everything was really good - the weather was amazing, the atmosphere was great and the presenters were great.

“It was a really, really nice event. “It had a real community feel and the volunteers were stars.”

Also helping out at this event were fellow response members from Northants, with four vehicles.  On arrival we busied ourselves fixing notices to fencing stakes to advise car travellers that parking was not free, being managed by ANPR cameras (£50 fine for nonpayment). Just before the start of the race I was deployed with three marshals, to be dropped off at their designated points, probably the most picturesque part of the course, by the yachting lake. Whilst my daughters were given the task of sweepers, not in a vehicle but on foot!

The race kicked off at 19.30hrs and by 20.20hrs the sweepers had gone by and we began dismantling the course, a trusty knife and wire cutters speeds things up. We returned to base, to offload, and before leaving for the evening my last task, was to save a damsel in distress, who had left her lights on. Mission accomplished LN210 standing down and homeward bound, I can hear my bed calling!